Ann Taylor LOFT Photoshop Disaster Removes Chunk of Model's Waist


A model in a swimsuit ad for Ann Taylor loft seems to have had an unfortunate run-in with the waist-eating monster.

Oh dear. This poor model used to have a fully-formed waist once. Where did it go? Maybe it’s hanging out with all the pieces of models’ missing inner thighs that retailers like to chop out.

This seems like a tragic mistake—it looks like some poorly executed and generally shitty photo cropping/editing went on here. (I actually can’t stop laughing at this one.) It’s definitely not as terrifying as some of the nightmarish Photoshop horrors Ann Taylor has inflicted upon us in years past. But still—bathing suit season is as good a time as any to remind myself I need to grab a hacksaw and shovel out a chunk of my waist to find the perfect swimsuit. See, ladies, if you just ripped out your rib cage on one side, cracked your spine and walked around permanently hunched over to one side, you would look sooo sexy!

Image via Ann Taylor LOFT

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