Anne Heche Drags Ellen DeGeneres While Rating Her Own Red Carpet Looks

Anne Heche Drags Ellen DeGeneres While Rating Her Own Red Carpet Looks

Anne Heche is on TikTok, which is good, because Anne Heche is good, and no other celebrities should be allowed to associate with the app now that Heche is here and ready to drag her ex, Ellen DeGeneres.

In her latest video, Heche rated some of her many diverse red carpet looks, like a Prada ensemble complete with a headpiece and a Versace gown she wore to the Oscars, which she rates highly. But the pivotal moment is sandwiched in the middle of the video, when she considers a look she wore at the Golden Globes in 1998. “Want to know why I look like a hippie? Because Ellen didn’t want me to dress sexy.” Heche then gives the look with Ellen a zero out of 10, and offers up a big thumbs down.


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I mean, to Heche’s credit, their collective look at the ’98 Globes was simply awful. She’s in a crushed velvet overcoat with a matching bag, while Ellen is in an oversized suit-jacket and a badly tailored pant. It doesn’t help that their hairstyles were nearly identical.


Besides, is there any worse revenge on a bad ex than having a beloved new gig as a TikTok star, while their once-beloved talk show sinks deeper and deeper in the ratings? In the long run, Heche’s sexy ensembles did her more favors than Ellen ever could.

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