Anti-Abortion Website Whines About Being Bombed… With Glitter


Tragedy has struck the offices of anti-abortion website LifeNews, and now they urgently need your fundraising dollars to recover. They’ve been bombed. Not with an actual bomb. With glitter. A letter filled with glitter. They need your money because of glitter.

LifeNews sent out an email on Saturday with the subject line, “Subject: URGENT! Our office was bombed, we need your help!” They repeated that funny little turn of phrase twice before admitting that actually they’ve just been sent some letters with glitter in them from an organization called Glitter Bombs for Choice.

The same glittery letters have been sent to several other people and organizations, including anti-abortion Nebraska Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, Students for Life of America, the Pro-Life Action League, and a group called And Then There Were None, who say they’ve been sent eight glitter bombs. (Texas Right to Life is very put out by the letters, calling them “an antic as weak and laughable as their movement” and adding that they’re meant to “silence” pro-lifers. Maybe if your vocal cords got filled with glitter dust? Seems unlikely, though.) The Texas Department of Public Safety also recently sent out a report highlighting their concern with gay activists possibly glitter-bombing people of “conservative orientation.”

But only LifeNews saw a quick moneymaking opportunity. Here’s a screenshot of the email:

The glitter bombs, you see, make a “huge mess” when opened. Although Steven Ertelet, editor of LifeNews, calls them “insulting and intimidating,” but admits they’re not “life-threatening.”

According to the National Abortion Federation, abortion clinics have been bombed 42 times since 1977, suffered another 99 attempted bombings, at least 550 incidences of abortion providers and employees being stalked, as well as the 100 or so times clinics were sprayed with butyric acid (causing respiratory distress and mass hospital visits for both patients and staff). Oh yeah, and the eight people who have been murdered: four doctors, two employees, a security guard, and a clinic escort, gunned down at clinics, at their homes, or, in Dr. George Tiller’s case, as he served as an usher at church.

I wouldn’t be thrilled with a glitter bomb to my office, but it’d sure be a nice break from all the people getting in touch to let us know the many ways they’re going to rape and murder us. But do tell me more about your awful glitter problem, LifeNews. Tell the whole world.

Image via And Then There Were None/Facebook

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