ANTM: A Tub Full Of 14 Cycles


On last night’s episode, the girls were supposed to be vampires for their photo shoot, but posing with their legs spread atop a tub of fake blood suggested a number of other scenarios, each one vaginal.

Seriously. Miscarriage or back-alley abortion?

Although this one sort of looks like incredibly messy period sex.

Jay Manuel, however, thought it looked like an incredibly messy birth.

He’s about as confused by vaginas as I am by his outfits. (Is he supposed to be a vampire here, or someone from The Matrix?)

I really loved Krista’s reactions to him. However, Alasia continues to be my favorite, and I’m so psyched that she’s been managing to finally pull off some good photos, ensuring her longevity this cycle, delightful responses to her name being called, and some form of backhanded compliment from Tyra.

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