ANTM: Celia Burns The Burned Girl


On last night’s episode, Thalia (the one with the scars, and who sucks, in general) wanted to quit for like the 50th time. When she didn’t get booted, Celia ratted her out to Tyra.

OK, first of all, when Tocara stopped by for her slumber party with the girls, she totally hit the nail on the head when she said, “When I was on Top Model, we really did have so many different personalities. In here, I can’t really pinpoint people who really, like, standout.”

Seriously, these girls are boring. I’m not sure if they’re as boring “as homemade soap” as Miss J put it, because I don’t exactly find store-bought soap all that exciting, but boring nonetheless.

Also, I cannot believe that Thalia is not only still in this thing, but getting called first! I totally understood Celia’s frustration. At the same time, she should’ve stayed out of it until it involved her own elimination or something. Also, how much of an asshole is Tyra when she put Celia in her place by saying, “Take your place, Celia.”

As for the posing challenge with all the drag queens, do you think Celia received the warmest reception because she kinda looked like one of them? That’s not to say that she looked like a man. She just looked the part.

Also, Celia loved that she won that challenge so much that she continued to wear the wig and the dress for the rest of the episode.

What I learned from this experience is how to tell the difference between when a drag queen loves you or not. Apparently, body language indicative of “no, no, no” means “yes, yes, yes.”

And body language indicative of heart burn means “I hate you.”

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