ANTM Contestants Should Stick To Their Day Jobs, Part 2: Singing


Last night’s challenge on America’s Next Top Model involved each of the contestants writing lyrics to a song and then going to a professional recording studio to lay the track down. As you can imagine, it went something like the challenge earlier in the season that had the girls testing out their acting chops on the set of CSI. That is to say, not so well!

But as always, it was clear what the challenge was really about: Tyra. First, she threw a wrench into every contestant’s lyrics (that they wrote themselves!) by demanding that the words “Pot Ledom — that’s Top Model backwards!” be worked into the song somehow. Then Tyra showed up on the set where the models were shooting music videos, looking like a preschool-aged superhero on acid — with the pint-sized internet lip-syncing sensation Keenan Cahill in tow. And! She announced that she and Keenan would be lip-syncing along in each video. Sorry ladies — you may have thought these music videos were about you, but alas, they are always about Tyra. In the end, celebrity judge Game flipped his proverbial shit over Allison’s gigantic eyes and declared her the winner of the day, despite the fact that she can’t sing. Alexandria, who performed like a used car salesman at her video shoot, was ultimately given the boot.

ANTM Contestants Should Stick To Their Day Jobs

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