ANTM Finale: And The Winner Is…


On last night’s Cycle 14 finale, the winner was announced, Tyra gave some (sorta useful) advice to the losers, and we got to learn little bit more about André Leon Talley, most importantly, the etymology of “dreckitude.”

Did you know that André’s first job was working for Andy Warhol? Or that he used to live at the YMCA? So those experiences, coupled with his job at Vogue and his new gig as judge on ANTM means that he has basically covered all four corners of a gay pop culture Approval Matrix (if such a thing existed) in his career.

Before talking about who didn’t win, can we just talk about this photo of Angelea? It’s horrible in many ways, the worst of which is that it’s not even in focus.

So Alexandra and Angelea were eliminated, leaving Raina and Krista in the competition. Naturally, they gave Alexandra the stereotypical “plus-size” treatment, essentially telling her she has “such a pretty face.” Also, Alexandra sort of states the obvious, about “plus-size” models.

Remember when the judges didn’t like Angelea’s weirdness and dancing? As with all confusing advice on this show, this is exactly what’s going to keep her going in the modeling industry.

So, anyway, Krista won. She definitely seemed the most model-y of any of the girls. She also gives great soundbites, so she’ll go far—or at least be featured for a cycle on Top Model Lounge.

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