Antonio Brown Posts Photoshopped ‘Nude’ of Gisele, Fueling Misogynistic Shitstorm

Brown keeps using Bündchen as a prop in his ongoing feud with Tom Brady, as if men on the internet needed more reason to harass her.

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Antonio Brown Posts Photoshopped ‘Nude’ of Gisele, Fueling Misogynistic Shitstorm
Photo:Mark Brown/Getty Images; Gotham/GC Images (Getty Images)

Antonio Brown, Tom Brady’s former go-to on the football field, keeps posting tasteless photos of Gisele Bündchen—some photoshopped, some not—amidst his inexplicable feud with her ex. In October, while rumors of Gisele and Tom’s divorce were heating up, Brown posted a photo of Gisele hugging him at the Super Bowl. Later that month, Brown posted another photo from the Super Bowl, this time photoshopping his own head over Tom’s as he hugs Gisele. And, as if things hadn’t already gotten strange enough, earlier this week the ex-NFL receiver shared a photoshopped image of Gisele’s face on a woman’s naked body to his Snapchat.

While Brown and Brady’s tiff hasn’t yet been well-defined, it has been linked to an alleged text exchange in which Brady denounced his former teammate’s inexplicable behavior: ripping his pads off and walking off the field in the middle of a Bucs game in January, allegedly exposing himself in a public pool, and supporting Kanye West’s “White Lives Matter” movement, according to TMZ. Brown has also been accused of sexual assault and of assaulting a truck driver.

Though TMZ reports the photoshopped nude image was later deleted, Brown’s unapologetic meme-ing of Gisele’s likeness—mostly, her physical face and body—for his own unhinged clowning has already enabled other incels on the internet to double down on their own sexism towards Gisele.

In the initial wake of the divorce announcement, Gisele was already getting blasted by Brady’s nimwit army of followers. Despite Gisele’s well-documented larger share of assets (at least for now, until this FTX tomfoolery gets sorted out), the same, tired retreads of arguments that she’s just “after his money” made the rounds. And, despite Gisele publicly initiating the divorce process, Twitter users were also happy to point out that Brady would have the opportunity to trade in for a younger, hotter partner, claiming that a literal international supermodel “ain’t sexy anyways.” A personal favorite, coming from some dude on the internet: “Been said this for years. Very overrated. Regular Brazilian chicks on the street look 10 times better than her.”

Nevermind the fact that Brady appears to be in the wrong in this particular marital situation, and as if the pernicious sexism and harassment of Gisele online weren’t enough, we now have another unfortunately famous man enabling the public sexual harassment of a woman who has already been labeled the demon in this divorce. This narrative and trending downfall also mimics that of another famous woman who ended her marriage in favor of a “younger model”: Olivia Wilde. It seems there is no right way for a celebrity woman to leave a celebrity man without being blamed or harassed in some way for having the guts or sense to end a relationship that simply was not working. And it certainly doesn’t help when you have side characters like Brown trying to use a woman’s misgivings as clout for his own trolling, and, in the process, mainstreaming this unfunny, juvenile shit.

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