Are Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift Feuding Like No One’s Watching?

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Kendall Jenner celebrated her 20th birthday party last night at an LA restaurant called The Nice Guy. Taylor Swift did not attend, but was spotted at a nearby restaurant called The Little Door.

Is it merely a coincidence that Swift would choose to dine at a poorly named restaurant so close to the poorly named restaurant where Jenner was dining, or is it proof that they are feuding like no two rich and famous twentysomethings have ever feuded before?

I’m going to go with the former, but plenty of people are thinking this is the real deal.

Writes TMZ under the headline “FEUD ON?”:

Taylor and Kendall definitely run in the same squads — they’ve hung out backstage at Taylor’s shows — but there were stories their friendship imploded over their relationships with Harry Styles.

My kingdom for a peek at Gigi Hadid’s texts from last night.


Derek Jeter, a sportsman of some kind, would like everyone to know that he’s engaged to someone as boring as he is. The lucky (?) woman is named Hannah Davis, and is a sportsman of a different sort—she models for Sports Illustrated! Davis is apparently quite good at modeling, as Jeter’s friends can’t stop blabbing about how beautiful she is.

“Derek is totally in love with her. He thinks she’s beautiful, sweet, and sexy!” the source added. “All of Derek’s friends are jealous that his fiancée is so beautiful.”

Sports, I guess.

[Us Weekly]

Melanie Griffith is selling her Aspen home, which means we probably won’t get any more photos like this one:


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