Are Pesky GOP Saboteurs Behind The Fake Hillary 2012 Campaign?


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has told you a thousand times, America: she’s not running for President. So why are mysterious robo calls being made on her behalf? And why are emails urging voters to gently nag Hillary until she runs eerily appearing in the inboxes of some Democrats? And why is there a Hillary Clinton for President website that looks like it was made on Geocities on the internet? It’s a trap!

According to Politico, the current theory among Democrats is that the seemingly grassroots campaign is actually an insidious Republican con game. What, exactly, led them to believe this is not clear, but I’m willing to bet that the excessive exclamation points on the Run Hillary website tipped them off. If youtube comments have taught me anything, it’s that the more right wing a person’s views, the more likely they are to write using punctuation and capitalization that indicates that they’re one eye twitch away from a full on cardiac arrest.

But just because the architects of the campaign don’t seem to have a sophisticated grasp on the nuances of the English language doesn’t mean that their campaign is for naught.

Hillary Clinton’s still wildly popular among liberals, whereas Barack Obama’s been falling out of favor pretty much since the moment he took office and failed to make everyone’s individual dreams come true like we imagine he promised. If GOP operatives are indeed behind the Draft Hillary campaign, they’re likely trying to remind liberals that in 2008, she ran against Barack Obama during the primaries and exploit their buyer’s remorse. Insiders say that because the calls are so widespread, there must be a fair amount of funding behind the effort. Damn 1%!

Clinton’s staff isn’t taking this lightly, and her spokesman has released a statement.

Whoever they are, whatever their intent, they are wasting both their time and money as Secretary Clinton has made her plans for next year crystal clear: that she is going to continue to support President Obama in the best way she can – as his Secretary of State.

Hillaryland: Draft Movement a GOP Plot [Politico]

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