Are You A Bad Girl? Take Tyra's Quiz And Find Out


Some of the stars of Bad Girls Club were on Tyra yesterday, and she quizzed them (and the audience) to determine how “bad” they really are. Take the quiz yourself after the jump!

The audience and the the guests onstage were supposed to raise their hands if they answered “yes” to any of these questions. (The clip at left features the audience’s answer to #2.) Tyra never really gave an answer key, or told us how many “yeses” it took to be a “bad girl,” so we’re assuming that if you answer yes to any of the questions, you are, indeed bad. Thank goodness that Tyra finally solved the mystery of exactly how many men one needs to sleep to be considered an official slut!

1.) Have you ever bought anything from a sex shop?

2.) Have you ever kissed somebody of the same sex?

3.) Have you hit on a friend’s boyfriend?

4.) Did you ever call somebody else’s name while making out?

5.) Have you slept with over 40 men?

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