Ari is a Lady Dog Who Looks Like Steve Buscemi and Needs a Home. 


Ari is an 8-month old pug, beagle, deer mix who has no home. She lives at the daycare I take my dog to. The day care takes pictures of the dogs all day for us neurotic owners. I have often seen pictures of Ari and thought, “who is this creature with the face of an award-winning character actor in a cable prestige drama?”

I was told by the wonderful ladies that run the daycare that Ari has no home and no one has expressed interest in her.

When everyone comes to pick up their doggies at the end of the day. Ari stays there, pondering the absurdities of life.

Ari does not know it but she has a memeable face that could make her owner and forever friend a lot of money in regards to merchandizing and summer movie vehicles starring other small, moody, mammals:

The rescue folks have this to say about Ari:

We LOVE this dog! Ari is so so incredibly cute! She is approx. 8 months old and weighs 22 lbs, we think she is a pug, beagle, deer mix? Whatever she is, it is a blend of sweet, fun and adorable. Ari loves to play fetch, play with other dogs and be with her people! She is still a puppy so will need reinforcement in the potty training department but she is smart so will be a quick study!

Look at Ari again, shaking her damn head.

I think Ari would be great for long sunny naps, smelly kisses, and shrewd judge of potential lovers.

Do you live in Southern California? Will you take Ari home and make an honest woman out of her? Say yes here.

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