Ariana Grande Got Married This Weekend and the Arianators Were Not Invited

Ariana Grande Got Married This Weekend and the Arianators Were Not Invited
Image:Frazer Harrison (Getty Images)

Ariana Grande, the princess of high ponytails, is now happily married to her real estate agent fiancé Dalton Gomez. Grande and Gomez were married in a private ceremony in Grande’s home in California over the weekend and TMZ reports that the event featured no more than 20 guests, consisting entirely of family and friends. This is something I find hard to believe considering that Grande is Italian-American and Gomez is Latino, two groups that are historically allergic to small families.

The couple started dating in early 2020 and were engaged before Christmas that year, a long courtship by Hollywood standards. Grande’s home, where the ceremony took place, was previously owned by Ellen Degeneres, further evidence that good things follow after Ellen’s departure from a location.

Neither Grande nor Gomez have posted photos on their social media accounts from the ceremony which was reportedly incredibly informal. Whilst this is beautiful and romantic it is also a trying time for Grande’s devoted fanbase, the Arianators who now have no new photos of Grande in a wedding dress to fawn over to get them through the summer months.

Though I am not an Arianator myself, I too thirst for these wedding pictures if only to know what she did with her hair for the big day. Was it a formal high pony? Her natural waves? A loose low bun with some fringe and a flower crown? This is an important moment in the history of Arianation and it deserves to be documented properly!

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