Ariana Grande Has Santa Confused With God in Her New Christmas Single

Are you there, Santa? It’s Ariana. In her new Christmas single, “Santa Tell Me,” Ariana Grande is worried about falling in love with the wrong guy, so she turns to Santa, who’s either God or a relationship expert or a psychic or all three.

In hopes of preventing a broken heart, Ariana’s “avoiding every mistletoe” and paging Santa for assistance. She’s not about to give her good love away for a temporary lover: “Santa tell me, if you’re really there/ Don’t make me fall in love again, if he won’t be here, next year/ Santa tell me, if he really cares/ ‘Cause I can’t give it all away next year.”

I’m not sure Santa can grant this request? It sounds like the time Mariah Carey asked Santa for a special someone: “Santa, won’t you bring me the one I really need?/ Won’t you please bring my baby to me?” But of course, Christmas defies logic, so who really cares. “Santa Tell Me” is actually a good jovial holiday anthem, complete with the sounds of sleigh bells and all that good stuff.

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