Ariana Grande Impersonates Britney and Celine on Tonight Show, Makes Up for Donut Fiasco


Ariana Grande’s redemption tour may be over. While her sincere apologies may not have worked, non-fans outraged by her recent statements may be coming back to her side. And it’s all because her Britney Spears impression is flawless.

Grande appeared on The Tonight Show last night, where she squinted awkwardly at the camera—kind of reminded me of Bob Durst in The Jinx—and then busted out some of the most spot-on celebrity singing impressions the world has seen since Christina Aguilera took the title back in February of this year. Also, Grande’s impression of Christina Aguilera is amazing, right down to the “hah!” Xtina uses to accent the impressive runs that she does.

Jimmy Fallon’s not bad, either, but he never tries to outshine his guests. Plus there’s really no way anyone can compete with Grande’s Britney-inspired version of ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb,’ which she nails despite not singing one actual word.

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