Armored Truck Accidentally Litters $600,000 in Cash Along Indiana Highway 


Occasionally a situation arises that puts one’s moral fiber to the test. Less frequently, a Brink’s truck will hemorrhage thousands of dollars in cash onto a highway at your exact rush hour location.

On Wednesday, a clear day in Indianapolis, the back door of a Brink’s armored truck swung open on Interstate 70 and bags of money began billowing onto the highway. Troopers estimated that a total of $600,000 in cash flew free. The New York Times has it as a scenic, “$20 bills gathered like leaves and formed piles in the grass off the highway.”

Commuter Jazmyne Danae filmed the scene:

Inevitably, commuters began making off with the money, but the free-for-all only lasted a few mutes before state troopers had blocked off a portion of the highway. In Danae’s video feed a trooper can be heard asking her “You got money?” to which she answers in the negative.

Indiana State Police said it wouldn’t reveal the exact amount of cash that fluttered away, only letting on that it was a “substantial amount.” First Sgt. Bill Dalton said in a statement on Wednesday, “People know right from wrong and anyone we track down who kept a dollar of this money all be arrested for theft. The time to do the right thing an call us to turn in the money is now, because once we knock on your door, you won’t be able to avoid being arrested.”

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