Assistant Principal Placed on Leave After IUD-Related Emergency


Kourtney Glaser, assistant principal at Comanche Springs Elementary School in Saginaw, Texas, is speaking out after being placed on leave for experiencing an emergency involving her IUD.

That’s correct. According to WFAA, Glaser started bleeding heavily at a district training session in January; after a trip to the emergency room, it was discovered that her IUD had become lodged in her uterine wall. For which she was placed on leave, because, according to Glaser, “They didn’t believe me. They thought I had an anxiety attack.” WFAA reports:

A letter sent to Glaser by the district cites “severe anxiety” as the reason behind a series of female bleeding incidents. It also states that Glaser “…cannot speak in public to groups,” and says she must visit two doctors and sign a waiver for a possible release of her medical records.
“I have some anxiety, yes; I get nervous, yes,” she said. “But it isn’t impacting my job. I’ve led trainings for the district, I’ve led parent groups, spoken at PTA meetings.”

The letter was sent despite documentation provided by Glaser’s lawyer clearly demonstrating that the incident was IUD-related. But, no, get that hysterical bleeding woman away from the children!

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