At Least The Cocktail Rings Were Cute At The Footloose Premiere


Hey everyone, Hollywood remade Footloose! Cue collective groan, both for the movie and some of the fashion at its premiere.

Before we get into each individual outfit, let’s see how they they looked paired off. Up first: Julianne Hough and Kenny Wormald. The previews for this movie terrify me a lot, if only because of the abundance of late 90’s, hella low-rise cut-off shorts worn by Julianne in the first twenty seconds, but here these two look really cute together. Kenny’s in formal wear and Julianne’s in formal shorts (or is it a formal romper?) which is an odd pairing, but there’s something modern about the two of them together. Maybe it’s just the super white teeth and blond hair, though. By contrast, Patrick John Flueger and Briana Evigan have a retro vibe going on that looks a teensy bit dated, but they compliment each other well, no? As for Seth Greene and Claire Grant, the shininess of his suit looks good with the matte-ness of her dress, but doesn’t this picture make you want to tell him, “Go ahead, lay your head down to rest. They’re very soft, we promise.”

On to the individual outfits! Now that I’m looking at it more closely, I think Julianne Hough might be wearing a formal romper after all. I appreciate the structural elements of her romper, but ultimately the folds by her collarbone look neither here nor there, and might be one design element too many when you add in the sheer, slightly ballooned, long sleeves, and her Hollywood bombshell hair. It’s definitely a risky look, if not a slightly incongruous one. PS, the heel on those babies looks dangerous (and painful).

I know it can be a pain in the neck for ladies who are well-endowed to find something that fits perfectly up there, but if Hollywood stars with their team of stylists and assistants can’t find clothes that properly fit their busts, what chance do the rest of us have? Briana Evigan is one of those lucky gals with beautiful, olive-undertoned skin that looks amazing in taupe. The black lace panels on the side seem a little home crafty, and the dress has some aforementioned fit issues, but I like it otherwise. A sparkly cocktail ring and a clutch are accessories that are almost guaranteed to work with everything. And those shoes! Hot. to. death.

Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice looks way mature for 18 here. This one of those dresses that has more opportunities to be tacky than sexy, but I actually think it falls into the latter category. It’s a fun dress. The girl’s got a slammin’ body, and those cut-outs along the side are extremely flattering. The color blocking works with her complexion, and her hair and make up have a whiff of old school (pre-Puffy) J. Lo vibes. Ditch the clutch though—it looks mall-bought.

What do you guys think of fishtail hems on formal dresses? They’re kind of the mullet of dresses. On the right person, it can look edgy and tongue-in-cheek. On the wrong person… well, it just looks like a mullet. Jana Kramer’s dress looks like it used to be a prom dress before it was mulletified. Her satin stripper shoes are fun, but don’t go at all with the saccharine pink of her dress, and her beige belt makes no sense. Love the big ass shield ring, though.

Enisha Brewster’s dress mullet really really really wants to be edgy. It’s a three quarter length sleeve romper made of shiny alligator-ish skin fabric, with a stand-up collar and white canopy sheets attached to side of her hips. There is also, inexplicably, a gold butterfly! So many bad ideas crammed into one outfit. I also tend to think if your dress is already shiny, maybe try a clutch that isn’t quite as gifted at reflecting light.

A wide, ruched waist like the one on Andie MacDowell’s dress is usually not very flattering. Where’s the oomph, Andie? Ashley Tisdale’s black dress and neutral pumps are not the most inspired choices for a movie premiere, but again, cute cocktail ring.

The peachy warm tones of Ella Mae Bowen’s embroidered, paisley dress look really great against her skin tone and hair. It’s a classic shape—cap sleeves, nipped at the waist, and full skirt—but the whole thing comes off as very schlumpy. I’m thinking better posture might be the solution. Wearing a billowing top over a fitted skirt will make even the the sexiest curves disappear. It’s always curious when some celebrities show up in full summer regalia, like Samantha Harris, and then others, like Tia Carrere, are zipped up into leather jackets. Watching Tia Carrere on Wayne’s World marked the first time in my life that I had ever seen an Asian American play the role of a beautiful, hot, smart, seductress, and I’ve loved her ever since. Tia, you will always a hot-ass lady in my eyes, even if you show up to places looking like that.

Kenny Loggins showed up! And so this is what he looks like. Slightly goofy and the kind of dude who wears crosses on his loafers. Kenny Wormald looks classic and slick in his three-piece suit, and John Patrick Flueger looks like the younger version of Richard Wright, the hotel mogul that Samantha fell for in Season 4 of SATC. That blue is hard color to pull off, but it looks right on John.

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