Atlanta Housewives Grapple With Their Bisexual Castmate


A lot has changed for the ladies between last season and last night’s premiere. Nene has a new nose, marital problems, and a feud with Dwight. But most notably, Kim has come out (via a tabloid) as bisexual.

Nene showed up at Sheree’s house to gossip about Kim, appropriately with a copy of Life & Style in which Kim was interviewed about her relationship with a female DJ. They mostly laughed at the news, thinking it was just a ploy on Kim’s part to get press. Sheree doesn’t think that Kim likes women since Kim has never hit on her, because anybody that likes women wouldn’t be able to resist Sheree.

Nene and Kim have mended fences since they got in that fight at the strip mall. Kim went to Nene’s house for lunch, where Nene grilled her about being bisexual. Even though this is supposedly around the same time that the Life & Style issue came out, Kim had already broken up with DJ Tracy Young, and maybe/kinda/sorta got back together with Big Poppa. She has, after all, “been chasing dicks since [she] came out of the womb.”

Nene admitted to Kim that she’s been having marital problems with Gregg, now that he’s no longer working and she’s the breadwinner. When Kim told Nene that Dwight has been going around town saying he lent Gregg $10,000, Nene said that if he had that kind of money then he would’ve gotten his botched nose job fixed.

Interestingly, Nene has had a recent nose job. She admitted on The Wendy Williams Show yesterday that her scenes for this season were filmed with her old nose, but that her interview segments were filmed with her new one. Here’s a comparison:

Anyway, Gregg admitted to Nene that he did take some money from Dwight, but it was $500 (cash) for “an investment.” Nene later got all up in Dwight’s face about it at some jenky shoe party, with the help of Sheree, who is pissed that Dwight is saying that he put $30,000 into her She by Sheree fashion show. It was kind of nice to see all the ladies united again. Giving them someone else to gang up on really strengthens their relationship.

We were also introduced to one of the two new Housewives, Phaedra. She’s married to a guy named Apollo and they are expecting their first child. When discussing baby names, she said that she doesn’t like “weird names” that no one can pronounce or spell. That kind of makes sense, that she would chose simplicity, since she had trouble pronouncing “foie gras.”

Anyway, Phaedra is an attorney and one of her clients is Bobby Brown. Instead of all kinds of degrees and awards, she has this framed in her office:

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