Attention Cool Moms: Old Navy's Boyfriend Jeans for Babies Are On Sale


You know that thing when you look at your baby and you’re like, “You’re cute, little baby, and those jeans are all right I guess, but I wish there was some way I could simultaneously hedge my bets that you’re not a lesbian while also giving you a nice relaxed look about your denim attire?”

Sometimes nothing else will do for a well-styled baby except that perfectly undone morning-after look. Tipster Lexi alerts us to the exciting news that Old Navy—always one step ahead in terms of fashion—is running a promotion on just-like-you-borrowed-it-from-your-slampiece babywear: the Baby Boyfriend Jean is currently on sale, from $19.94 to a reasonable $15.

(Make sure you pair your baby boyfriend jeans with a fitted baby tee, a baby shoe with a bit of a heel, and a feminine accessory that pops—the tricky part of styling boyfriend jeans on babies is that you don’t want them to actually look like they’ve just rolled out the crib wearing their baby boyfriend’s pants. It’s just cool for cool babies to look relaxed, and slouchy.)

Cool moms, get in there. Old Navy boyfriend jeans for babies: when the Old Navy skinny jeans for babies just won’t do. (Skinny jeans for babies are available for both genders; perhaps they should call the boy baby version “girlfriend jeans” to even it out?)

I emailed Old Navy for comment, and they replied very kindly, saying they apologized for any offense they had caused me (none: merely humor) and added, “This is just the name of one of our styles and in no way implies that baby girls need a boyfriend.”

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