August 28, 2011


THE BIG PICTURE | London, August 28: Performers take part in the Notting Hill Carnival. The annual carnival, which is expected to attract around 1 million revelers, has taken place every August Bank Holiday since 1966. [Getty]

If You Want A London Library Card, Be Prepared To Answer Some Very Personal Questions

A library in Islington, north London is asking would-be patrons a series of totally normal questions that every library asks when you go to apply for a card. You know, like your name, your address, whether or not you have a “hidden impairment, such as cancer, HIV, or diabetes.” More »

Please Stop Reminding Me That Football Season Is Just Around The Corner

Every year, it starts about late May, first with a whisper, a singular Facebook status update, a Tweet, as passing small talk reference by that coworker who insists on talking to me while I pee in the work bathroom. Only 100 days away! More »

Why Do So Many New Mothers Choose Sterilization?

New mothers interested in long term birth control typically have two options after giving birth. One is completely reversible and renewable every 5 to 10 years, the other is permanent, more expensive, and difficult to reverse. It seems that, for women in a position to choose, the . Why, then, do so many women opt for permanent tubal litigation rather than IUD’s?

10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Kathie Lee Gifford video bombs Kim Kardashian’s wedding, child bride Courtney Stodden impresses Australia, and the earthquake was fun for everyone in New York. More »

The Etiquette Of Close Quarters

Like mildew, awkwardness tends to breed in enclosed spaces. Living or working in cramped quarters can create difficult situations for even the most socially adept of us. More »

Labia Star In First Issue Of Dasha Zhukova’s Magazine [NSFW]

We just got an exclusive look at the cover of Dasha Zhukova’s Garage magazine’s debut issue. And there’s a set of tattooed labia on it.
The full cover of Garage, with Damien Hirst’s tattoo. More »

You Can’t Shop Anywhere

The founder of IKEA – which once seemed like the most wholesome of all multinational companies – was apparently a Nazi. At this point, basically every retail chain is tainted with some sort of scandal. More »

This Week In Tabloids: Jada Cheated On Will Smith With Marc Anthony

Welcome back to Midweek Madness! Every Wednesday, we boldly go through the pages of In Touch, Star, OK!, Life & Style, and Us, as part of our continuing mission to seek out actual gossip. More »

‘Baby Palins’ Object To Being Associated With Palin

Conservative women are up in arms about a critical piece about them in Elle. But not because it essentially portrays them of being privileged hypocrites, but because a headline writer referred to them as “Baby Palins.” Seriously.
First of all, I understand anyone objecting to a story that begins… More »

Finally, The Cure For Female Masturbation

A group called Dirty Girl Ministries claims to treat women for porn addiction – but their definition of addiction appears to include what most people would deem completely normal. More »

Rick Perry Is Ruining Everything For Michele Bachmann

According to a bunch of polls, Michele Bachmann has been slipping since Rick Perry entered the race, and she may not win the Iowa caucuses, which are five months away and won’t itself guarantee the nomination for an election that is over a year away. More »

Homophobic Bridal Store Owner Gets Yelp-Bombed

When a New Jersey bridal shop refused to sell a dress to a lesbian bride, critics took to Yelp to express their displeasure. But are some of them creating fake reviews?
Some negative reviews stemming from owner Donna’s homophobic behavior remained on Yelp this afternoon. More »

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Pooping During Childbirth

Truth: If you’re pregnant, and if you squeeze that thing out through your vagina, you’re probably going to poop while doing so. I know what you’re thinking: More »

Possible Explanations For The Earthquake

A series of earthquakes around the country today and yesterday shook places that don’t usually get shook. There are a number of possible explanations for this. More »

Will, Jada, And The Curse Of Bragging About Your Sex Life [Updated]

After 13 years of marriage characterized by both individual and tandem interviews about how their marriage is so awesome, it’s rumored that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have decided to go their separate ways. More »

How To Be Around People When You’re In A Crappy Mood

Everyone has the occasional terrible, horrible, no good, very bad mood. Unfortunately, your mood doesn’t necessarily cooperate with your career or social calendar, and one of the terrible secrets of being a grown-up is that you can’t blow important people off without engendering their disdain and… More »

How To Date When You Have 17 Siblings

While the two families have nearly the same number of children (18), you shouldn’t dare confuse the Bates family with the Duggars. Sure, they’re lifelong friends, and have even appeared on the Duggars’ reality show 19 Kids And Counting, but the Bates family lives a much more modest and simple life… More »

The Triumph And Tragedy Of Lisa Frank

Pollock and Basquiat got their biopics – now it’s time for another artistic visionary to lend her life to the silver screen. Brought to you by the Upright Citizens Brigade and Diamonds Wow, the story of Lisa Frank’s misunderstood genius, meteoric rise, and heroic stand against the philistines… More »

Professor Murders Student After Affair Goes Sour

A graduate student at the University of Idaho was fatally shot on Monday night by a professor with whom she’d had a relationship. He later committed suicide.
According to KTVB, 22-year-old Katy Benoit was baking cookies with her roommates in the small town of Moscow, Idaho when she stepped outside… More »

Sexist Hollywood Movie Clichés Look Much Prettier In Well-Designed Chart Form

To promote the New York International Latino Film Festival, ad agency Wing New York came up with a slew of stereotypes in major motion pictures and designed the crap out of them. More »

Greet The Social Worker In Your PJs

Was anyone else like, “Wha!?” when the baby room that took Amber an entire month to put together to regain physical custody of her daughter was revealed? More »

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