Avril Lavigne's Insane Diamond Ring, Brought to You By Nickelback


Avril Lavigne is still promoting her new self-titled album, which meant that Friday afternoon she went on Katie to talk about her grown-up sound and – most importantly – her endlessly fascinating relationship with Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger.

First of all, let’s remember that the item commemorating Chad and Avril’s decision to tie their lives together for eternity looks like this:

A girl in the audience feels the same way about it as you do:

Avril says her sound is much more adult now:

It’s self-titled and it’s my fifth record. It’s very me and it’s so diverse, all the styles and sounds from the past from my previous records, that’s there. And that attitude, that person and then also I’ve experimented and grown. I have a song called “Hello Kitty” with an electronic feel to it. I have a rock song. Marilyn Manson performs on and it then Chad, Chad and I have a duet. It’s not that typical boy bashing break-up album that I always make because I’m not a teenager anymore. The lyrical content, there’s more going on and I’ve challenged myself a little bit more vocally and it’s more diverse.

Which sits in direct contrast to the fact that at 29, she still sounds exactly like a Valley Girl; Avril answered “Um, yeah” and made this face when Katie asked if she wanted to have kids:

FYI that song is called Hello Kitty because she loves Hello Kitty. “Ohmygosh Chad has been so kind because one room turns into two rooms and now I’m like working on a third,” Avril said of her collecting obsession.

As far as her relationship with Chad, Avril also told Katie that they don’t go more than two weeks without seeing each other and that they don’t drink or party without each other, among other scintillating details about their relationship first found in People magazine. Though we knew it was that forever kind of love when they did that AMAZING spread in Italian Glamour magazine for the wedding, watching these perfectly matched humans make it work is the best part of my life.

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