Baby Goats In Pajamas to World: 'It's Called Fashion, Look It Up!'


Runways are over. This season, the hottest way to show off the most stylish fashions is jumping around in a barn while bleating randomly to show off how much you’re feeling yourself in high-end strawberry jam-jams. Supermodels ain’t got nothing on these babies.

No matter how hard and darkened your heart is—mine is basically a block of black ice that sends unsuspecting drivers to their doom—there’s no way you can watch this video and not be reminded of the good in the world. I know that baby goats can be smelly—two of my friends went to a baby goat event called “Goatchella” and complained both about the wait and the smell of the goat tents—but when they’re turnt up as hell like this? Man, this is some next-level shit. Go on with your bad selves, baby goats. Don’t ever let anyone stop you being you.

Also: This fashion show is probably even better when you’re high. Please try this out and report back.

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