Be Very Thankful You Don't Live With This Completely Bonkers Cat 


This poor, poor cat owner.

Poor Redditor emlod. His life seems to have been completely taken over by a cat who is clearly batshitfucking crazy (even more than the typical batshitcrazy that accompanies most cats). As proof of his daily struggle, he posted this five minute compilation of his cat Luna’s antics. SO MUCH WHINING AND JUMPING ON INAPPROPRIATE THINGS. Also, how the fuck do you get anything done when this is your cat? Do you think at some point emlod just gives up on basic daily tasks, like making his bed? Or maybe he just moved outside to a tiny box in the yard, where he sits and cries, horrified at the thought of going back into the house with the cat? Imagine living a life where, at any given moment, you might be confronted with this:


The Cat Overlords have worked hard to train this operative. And you can see just how effective it is.

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