Beauties Were A Big Mess At The Big Love Premiere


Yes, the premiere of season 3 of Big Love, at Hollywood’s Cinerama Dome, was Wednesday night…but we just had to cry together over the weird, tragic fashions on display!

The Good:

On the rack, this must have looked like three kinds of dust-ruffle. But Ginnifer Goodwin makes it work!

Jolean Wejbe gets included for her pitch-perfect teen face.

I have loved Tina Majorino since Andre. I make no apologies for this fact, nor for liking anything Poiret-inspired.

Why the bish-face, Chloe? I like this one!

The Bad:

Hey, Branka Katic, have you seen my dropcloth? I wanted to do some painting…oh, hai.

Can we abolish skin-tight satin, Noa Tishby?

Send that memo to Melora Walters, too, please.

Mary Kay Place: please return this to the 19th century child who’s now running around naked.

What Say You?

Amanda Seyfried: ready for a cocktail party…or the Christmas tree?

[Images via Getty]

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