Before He Killed Her, Joran Shook Stephany's Hand


Peruvian authorities have released footage from the security cameras at the casino where Joran Van der Sloot murdered Stephany Flores. Not only does it show the two leaving together – it also shows the moment they met.

CBS News broadcast the video this morning, which shows Flores entering the casino, walking over to Van der Sloot’s table, and sitting down, with one chair between them. He gestures for her to move closer, and she does. Soon after, they leave the casino together and head up to his room. At some point during the night, Van der Sloot got stoned and went to get coffee (not necessarily in that order). When he returned to find Flores on his laptop, he became enraged and beat her to death. According to his account, he then sat down and had some cake, coffee, and amphetamines. He says he considered his options, and decided that she couldn’t fit into his suitcases, his best bet was to run. Two days later, police found her body.

Van der Sloot’s lawyer is already forming a defense plan for his young client, who private investigator Beau Dietl calls a "serial killer" and a "homicidal maniac." Maximo Altez told CNN that he will try to strike the confession, on the grounds that Van der Sloot was not being properly represented during interrogation. Also in his camp: Van der Sloot’s mother, who told the press that the treatment of her son was downright "barbaric," and the Dutch consulate in Lima, which stated that his confession was coerced. However, police are confident that Van der Sloot will not walk free; they have called the case against him "rock-solid" and opted to delay crime scene reconstruction in favor of pressing charges. It is expected that they will do so sometime this afternoon. As soon as he is charged, Van der Sloot will be transferred to the notorious Castro Castro high security prison, where he will await trial.

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