Behold: The Worst Day Of Snooki's Life


The day after Snooki publicly flashed her cuca shall henceforth be known as The Worst Day Of Snooki’s Life™. You might think the previous night (falling down in the streets, chasing after an angry boyfriend, exposing her vulva) would be Snooki at her worst, but you’d be wrong.

You see, the morning-after is always terrible, and to avoid feeling actual feelings, Snooki decided to wake up and hit the bar. When Jenny refused to go with her, she hit the town solo, and wound up at a brunch spot, where she shook her ass and told off anyone who looked twice at the spectacle (her). Later that day, she reunited with Jionni, only to have him leave again, so she went to the club. There, she found a gentleman who allowed her to work out her frustrations with men. She choked him and called it “dancing.” Deena almost had the Worst Day Of Deena’s Life™ after Vinny forced his Italian salami onto her after a fresh shower, and later at the club, when she thought she might be pregnant. She wasn’t.

The day after The Worst Day Of Snooki’s Life™ was pretty bad, too. She spoke to Jionni over the phone; he called her a pig, and she hung up on him. But! Then Snooki found comfort between Vinny’s sheets (again). All is well with the world.

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