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Image: LaStarPixMEDIA (Backgrid)

Everyone please shut up and look!!! It’s Ben Affleck... and he’s smiling?

Paparazzi snapped this pic of Affleck on Wednesday morning as he drove away from Jennifer Lopez’s Los Angeles estate. He was en route to the nearest Dunkin Donuts, probably. Most likely the one on Hollywood, across from the Pantages Theatre. It’s a bit of a tourist trap, but look at this man! He’s smiling and he wants to be seen.

Here’s what Backgrid’s little minions had to say about their latest shots of Mr. Bennifer: “Ben Affleck looks happy and tired after spending the whole night at girlfriend Jennifer Lopez’s house in Los Angeles.” Happy and tired... happy and tired... happy and tired. Now, why would that be?

No matter, it’s just nice to see the man smiling.

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