Ben Affleck's Going to Stay in Rehab for Awhile

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Ben Affleck remains in rehab, and will probably stay there for at least a month. In the meantime, he still hasn’t finalized his divorce from Jennifer Garner, meaning the multi-year ordeal will continue to drag on forever and ever and ever. From E!:

“The divorce is wrapped up but has not been signed off on. They are waiting for Ben to get out to do that,” the insider says. “They both want to move on and end the financial negotiations and the custody discussions.”

This is right after the divorce case nearly got dismissed entirely due to lack of paperwork, of all things. Thus, it still falls to Garner to perform wifely duties like collect her newly-single husband from his home and drive him to rehab. E!’s source breaks the madness down:

“Ben was doing well for the last few months and very committed to his sobriety. But recently he started to slip up and began drinking again. He wrapped his movie and had some downtime,” another insider told E! News after Affleck entered rehab. “This week, he was heavily drinking alone at home and with the Playboy model. Jen had family in town and a lot going on but she was well aware of what was going on. She saw the photo of the alcohol being delivered to his house and knew he was home all day and that was the breaking point.”
She arranged for him to go to rehab and staged an intervention with someone from the facility,” the source continued. “Ben was not resistant and knew he needed help. He was grateful that Jen was there for him again and did not fight it.”

Not that it’s unheard of to be on good terms with your ex, but Garner is definitely more forgiving than I would be after all the alleged cheating. Good for her. Someone get this woman a Nobel.

[E! Online]

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