Benedict Cumberbatch: The Only Met Gala Attendee to Do White Tie Right


Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk all things Met Gala, and they made a very unlikely comedy duo.

There were a variety of Fancy Human topics discussed: SJP noted that a lot of famous people grime had gotten mashed into her right-hand glove from so much courteous hand-shaking. Anna Wintour instructed the world upon how to best remove one’s body from the presence of a would-be hugger. And then, in a grand finale of fanciness, the two acted as the most exacting and nit-picky Fashion Police of all time by judging the vast sea of men who’d arrived at the event clad in failed attempts at white tie dressing.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s valiant effort, which consisted of a man-bun and a blazer, was chidingly labeled “Brooklyn white tie.” Bradley Cooper got 99.5 of the way there — everything was perfect, but his tuxedo studs were onyx instead of mother of pearl. Jesus Christ, Bradley, get your head in the game.

The one man who did everything right was Benedict Cumberbatch. Obviously. That is because being known as “Benedict Cumberbatch” is the nomenclatural equivalent of permanently wearing a crisp tailcoat accessorized with the appropriate studs.

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