Berlusconi Defense Team Calls George Clooney As Witness


The defense in Silvio Berlusconi’s increasingly bizarre trial have submitted a list of witnesses they’d like to call, including the Italian foreign minister, “a bevy of showgirls” . . . and George Clooney, who allegedly attended one of Berlusconi’s infamous parties with his girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis. This odd assortment leads us to wonder who else is on the defense’s list. Below, some ideas:

Brad Pitt

We’re pretty sure this trial is actually just a cover for the secret shooting of Ocean’s Fourteen, and obviously Danny Ocean needs his Rusty Ryan. Berlusconi will play new character Skeevy Skeevarino, a lecherous man who distracts female security guards by leering at them.

Matthew McConaughey

Maybe those bunga bunga parties were actually “bongo bongo.”

Justin Bieber

Never say never.


This could actually happen.

Miley Cyrus

She’s got guest, and a show — surely she counts as a showgirl.

The cast of Jersey Shore

Berlusconi and The Situation have a lot in common. Then again, support from these folks might not be good for anyone’s defense.

Suri Cruise

She has to be involved somehow.

Clooney Called By Berlusconi’s Defense As Witness [AP, via Modesto Bee]

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