Betty White Says Jay-Z Has "99 Problems But This Bitch Ain't One"


Betty White continues to brilliantly hype her Saturday Night Live hosting this weekend, which will include skits with Jay-Z. Meanwhile, she’s not just helping the show actually be funny; she’s also helping beat its terrible record on women hosts.

It’s not in our imagination: According to the number-crunchers at Book of Odds, by the end of this season of Saturday Night Live, men will have hosted 482 episodes, and women 194. This season is surprisingly different: Despite overall odds of 1 in 3.48 of a woman being picked to host the show, the 2009-2010 season will have reached rare near-parity by its end. “If the season finishes up as planned, it will have featured 12 male and 11 female hosts,” according to Book of Odds.

Those female hosts, of course, have also included Tina Fey, Sigourney Weaver, Blake Lively, and Gabourey Sidibe, as well as relative duds like January Jones and J-Lo.

Betty sat down with Jimmy Fallon last night and revealed that she has a couple of sketches with Jay-Z. “You know, Jay-Z’s got 99 problems, but this bitch ain’t one of them,” she said.

She also admitted, “I’m scared to death.” But, she added, “It’s a wonderful group of people. The regular gals are coming back,” she said.

Here she is in the latest promo with some of those regular gals of SNL. Hope we keep seeing more of them.

Saturday Night Live: Show Us The Funny (Women) [Book of Odds]
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