Beyoncé Caught Possibly Photoshopping Her Pictures Again


Beyoncé’s got 99 problems and her ass isn’t one – except that maybe it is, because she has allegedly photoshopped it in recent photos posted on her website. Will wonders never cease!

BuzzFeed notes that that the curtains around Beyoncé’s ass/waist area in these jaw-dropping photos appear warped, something fans on Twitter are also crowing about.

Speculation abounds, but it’s possible the intention wasn’t even to make her waist smaller or her ass larger, but to even out the curves of her body.

This is hardly the first time Beyoncé (or other celebrities) has been caught up in this kind of ~scandal~, but each time, it feels like a stab in the gut with the warp tool. What is real? What is true? What we do know: what is good enough for Kris Jenner is good enough for us all.

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