Beyoncé Wants Rihanna to Stay the Fuck Away From Jay Z, Again

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Today in “Here We Go Again,” the tabloids are reporting that Jay Z and Beyoncé‘s marriage is in trouble. And this time, it’s because of Rihanna.

“The Barbadian beauty has been causing issues in Bey’s marriage to Jay Z for years now, ever since he signed her to his record label when she was a teenager. And Bey has had enough,” reports OK!

During [a] West Hollywood dinner, Jay kept texting on his phone, and according to a report, “Bey demanded to know who he was texting with, and when he finally admitted it was about Rihanna, she ripped into him.” The rest of their dinner was awkward and “they did not seem happy.”
Now, “Beyonce wants Rihanna out of the picture and away from her husband. Beyonce’s always viewed her as a threat and has had a nagging suspicion there’s more to their relationship.” RiRi staying away from Jay probably won’t happen anytime soon though, as he manages her and is a huge part of her success.

OK! also suggests that Beyoncé had Blue Ivy as a way of fixing her marriage and is now hesitant to have another baby because “the Rihanna issue just isn’t going away.”

Yeah, yeah. Look forward to next week when the ‘bloids are publishing Beyoncé pregnancy rumors again.


Robert Pattinson, the sparkly vampire who started it all, talked to Reuters about Twilight fan fiction, specifically Fifty Shades of Grey: “It’s kind of weird and also I’ve known Jamie [Dornan] for about 10 years. I haven’t actually read the book but I think it must be very, very different. I don’t see how it can work if it’s not different.”

As for both franchises, he says, “There’s some kind of profound connection that a bunch of people have to it, and I’ve never figured out quite what it is.”

Too early to get an official Shade Court ruling (the Mostly Honorable Judge Kara Brown hands down her rulings on West Coast time), but I’m going to say that “and I’ve never figured out quite what it is” is at least shade lite. [Gossip Cop]

“I think I grew up in an environment where we weren’t particularly shy of nudity,” says Charlie Hunnam. “My mum was always walking around in the house naked and I spent a bunch of time with my aunt growing up—she was sort of like my second mum— she was walking around the house naked, too. Over the years I suppose I have become very comfortable with taking my clothes off for the camera. It never really bothers me.”

Thank your lucky stars that Jax Teller was raised in a naked house. [Lainey Gossip]

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