Beyoncé's Mom Is Angry; Elton John Is The New Willy Wonka

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  • In case you didn’t know: Beyoncé‘s mom, Tina Knowles, is divorcing Matthew Knowles because a woman named Alexsandra Wright says he’s the father of her soon-to-be-born daughter.

Apparently Tina has been aware of this for a few months — Matthew fessed up. A source says Tina “is particularly bitter about this… It’s just all so humiliating for her.” Understandable. [Chicago Sun Times]

  • Tina Knowles was seen dancing with a “much younger-looking guy” at Beyoncé‘s fragrance launch. [Gatecrasher]
  • There are thirteen different things I love about this picture of Uma Thurman as Medusa. [LA Times]
  • As mentioned in Midweek Madness, Reese Witherspon is dating again. The dude is an agent named Jim Toth. [People]
  • Jesus Luz is in hanging out on the beach in Rio, taking outdoor showers and chatting up scantily clad ladies and generally acting like Madonna who? [Daily Mail]
  • Pamela Anderson: Joining Dancing With The Stars! [Radar Online]
  • Tiger Woods will leave sex addiction rehab by the end of the week, and his wife, Elin, is picking him up. [Radar Online]
  • WTF: “Tiger Mistress: I’m ‘Bothered’ by Golf Balls With ‘My Face’ On Them.” [Us Magazine]
  • Jon Stewart will be on The O’Reilly Factor tonight and tomorrow. [NY Post]
  • I love that Elton John is the new Willy Wonka. [Mirror]
  • At the link, a video snippet from the recording of the new “We Are The World.” [Us Magazine]
  • Despite what you may have read in Star magazine, Eminem and Kim are not together, and are not expecting a child together. [E!]
  • Taylor Swift and Finn from Glee: Not dating. Sure, they had dinner, but they’re “just friends.” [E!]
  • Surely you have been wondering if Kim Kardashian will be boozing it up at the Super Bowl. She won’t: “No drinks this trip.” [Us Magazine]
  • Jay-Z is suing a capital management company over loan guarantee; he borrowed $52 million in 2007 to build a boutique hotel but claims the company is trying to “bleed” funds from him. [BusinessWeek]
  • Will the Jersey Shore cast hit Miami? It depends on whether or not the “hottest clubs” will let them cameras inside. MTV is also looking at 9 other cities in and outside of the US. [TMZ]
  • If you dream of sleeping where The Situation once laid his head, the house used on Jersey Shore is available for rental — although you’ll have to pay $6,500 per night if you want to go in the summer. And yes, the duck phone is still there. [TMZ]
  • Joy Behar lost her cellphone and a homeless woman found it; it eventually came back to Joy and the lady said: “I knew it was important because Al Sharpton‘s phone number was on it.” [Page Six]
  • Friday is the day: Dr. Conrad Murray will be arraigned and charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. [TMZ]
  • The LA County Coroner’s Office, not satisfied with the toxicology report filed in the death of Brittany Murphy, visited Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack, and mother, Sharon Murphy. A source claims that every Friday, someone would deliver a sealed manila envelope filled with prescription medications in bottles to the house, and the name “Lola” was on the envelope. Allegedly! [TMZ]
  • Q: What did you learn from making this film? Rosie O’Donnell: “I learned that I love kids. To be around kids, for me there is nothing better. My youngest is 7 years-old now. It is heartbreaking. I miss that age. I really do. I’m thinking, ‘Dear Lord, is 47 too old to adopt another baby?'” Q: Is that something that is on the horizon? Rosie: “It is always on the horizon. There is a lot of room on the raft, and if we could pull some kids out and put them on board, I am all for that.” [Reuters]
  • Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen: Not being asked back for season four of The Real Housewives Of New York City. [Gatecrasher]
  • Avatar sequel: Looking inevitable. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Jill Scott is being sued by the company which claims to have discovered her; she signed a six album deal in 1999 but would like to move on after completing 3 albums, [TMZ]
  • “Australian band Men at Work copied a well-known children’s campfire song for the flute melody in its 1980s hit Down Under and owes the owner years of royalties, a court ruled Thursday.” [USA Today]
  • “It’s very hard for someone not involved in this business to really understand what it’s about. You work 12-hour days, and something like a series literally consumes your life. I think it’s just time not there, really. But I’m still hopeful that I’ll meet someone.” — Kim Cattrall. [Access Hollywood]
  • “[My husband Hugh Dancy] did play an autistic person six months prior to my doing Temple, which was a really odd coincidence. And it was very convenient for me, because our bookshelves were already stacked with all of the required reading, It was a great gift to have him understand what I was doing in such an intimate way.” — Claire Danes, on playing Temple Grandin. She also says: “I am not a genius. But I am nerdy. I have all of the affect and not so much of the smarts. When I was a kid, I was one of those really obnoxious ‘oooh oooh’ girls, with my hand up in the air constantly. I’ve learned over the years that that’s not so attractive, so I’ve censored that.” [USA Today]
  • “I hate Valentine’s Day. I think every day should be a day of romance. Then, on Valentine’s Day, you should get to tell whoever you hate that you cannot stand them. There would be one day of hating, and 364 days of love.” — Ashton Kutcher, one of the stars in the movie Valentine’s Day. [People]
  • “Some directors, even if they’re brilliant, reduce the actor’s role in the collaboration to just being part of the jigsaw, but Tom didn’t say, ‘Do this’ or ‘Do that.’ He creates an atmosphere in which people are ready to do their best, and I’m sure he learned that in his years in the fashion business. He’s had a vision he’s had to communicate to a group of people and let them feel they will be able to give it to him at the top of their game.” — Colin Firth on Tom Ford. [Telegraph]
  • “One of the only places I’m truly comfortable and I really become in my own skin is on a film set.” — Jonathan Rhys Meyers. [LA Times]
  • “Next on my list [of people to work with] is Carrie Underwood. I swear to God. Everybody else can suck it until I get to Carrie Underwood.” — T-Pain. [ONTD via USA Today]
  • “She hates when I’m messy when it has to do with her nice stuff. Like, I can’t throw my jacket on the Marilyn Monroe piano — but I do.” — Nick Cannon says Mariah Carey hates when he’s a slob. [Page Six]
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