BHLDN-Loving Bridesmaids Are Saving Anthropologie From Itself

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Once one of the top stores to buy clothing inspired by field-tromping dutch milkmaids and vintage squares of knotted organic fabric for ludicrous prices, Anthropologie has fallen into some hard times. One bright spot for the Anthro brand? Bridesmaids love BHLDN, the store’s bridal spinoff.

According to Quartz, Anthropologie’s first quarter sales were only up by 1% — apparently there’s a waning interest in wide-legged tablecloth pants. But Anthropologie’s BHLDN stores (which, oh my god, who names these things?) are doing so well with brides that Urban Outfitters (BHLDN and Anthropologie’s parent company) is slightly changing BHLDN’s focus, moving it towards looks appropriate for a bridal party — they’re already doing a brisk business with maids’ dresses — and also trying position its Anthropologie stores to break into the lucrative wedding gifts market, adding a registry so that engaged couples can ask for chipped and heavy breakfronts reclaimed from colonial times be delivered to their forever homes.

But it’s really bridal style that’s important. From Quartz:

“Sales at Bhldn have skyrocketed,” said [David] McCreight [CEO] . “Our unique and inspiring gowns have resonated with thousands of brides, and in the coming year, we will turn an eye to bridal party styles, with dresses and separates for bridesmaids and mothers.”

Does this mean you’re going to see even more maxi dress weddings in the near future? If McCreight’s business choices are sound, there’s a good chance you will. And that’s a good thing, according to him. Since a large number of brides shopping at BHLDN for wedding fashions are there for the first time, he’s hoping that the store’s “romantic” styles and whimsical clothing will keep them coming back for more.

Image via BHLDN.

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