Bill Maher Defends America's Chief Bully Laura Ingraham From 'Bullying'


Laura Ingraham returns on Monday to Fox’s 10PM slot reserved for Peak Wrath, just between Conspiracy Hour and “news,” after her one-week vacation. Fox claims that the break was not imposed by her March 28th tweet that David Hogg was rejected by four colleges and “whines about it”–to which Hogg responded by mustering a successful advertising boycott against her show. After losing several advertisers, she apologized.

Ingraham can now thank liberal firebrand Bill Maher–who, too, yearns for the halcyon days of “political incorrectness”–for coming to her defense Friday night on his show. While he called her a “deliberately terrible person,” Maher empathized, having experienced his own advertising boycott and firing from his ABC News show Politically Incorrect in 2002. The argument:

Maybe you shouldn’t say that about a 17-year-old, but he is in the arena, and then he calls for a boycott of her sponsors. Really? Is that America? And he complains about bullying? That’s bullying. I have been a victim of a boycott of sponsors. I lost a job once, it is wrong.

SO, after all these years, Maher’s found the limit to free speech, and the topic is….


Anyway, America, once again you can kick back after dinner with a big glass of rage-ahol and wind down to the dulcet tones of ranting about terrorist refugees, climate change, “Hitlerian” Planned Parenthood, depraved same-sex couples, and whomever else you would like to see hated on during the evenings.

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