Botox Mom Being Taught To Parent Properly


Good news: Sheena Upton is taking parenting classes.

After telling reporters she was giving her 8-year-old daughter Botox injections, then admitting it was a hoax and she’d lied for $200 and some attention, Upton lost custody of her child. Now Upton — who said her name was Kerry Campbell when she was interviewed by The Sun and Good Morning America — is also undergoing mental health counseling, Radar reports:

Upton and her two daughters, along with several other family members, visited with social workers from the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services earlier this week.

A source says, “Sheena will now be under direct supervision of the department for the next six months, which she is completely agreeable to… Sheena seems to be willing to do the work required to make sure she keeps custody of her children.”

There’s no doubt that counseling and education will be beneficial for Upton. As Carolyn Castiglia writes for Babble, “It appears that Upton was wooed by money and a chance at fame. She’s certainly not the first to do something dumb and desperate while chasing a dream.” Sure. But what about the toxic environment she’s raising her kids in? Upton convinced her 8-year-old daughter to say that she could see “wrinkles” in her still-developing face. And who knows? The girl, Britney, may have half-believed that she needed a cosmetic procedure. From the spray-tanned contestants on Toddlers and Tiaras to the little girls calling others “chubby wubby,” have we ever lived in a time when children were so concerned about outward appearances?

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