Bourgie Couple Hires Think Tank To Name Child


Pregnant in Heels focuses on Rosie Pope, an Upper East Side maternity clothing designer and retailer turned “maternity concierge”—meaning she’s hired by what she refers to as expectant “million dollar moms” to do just about everything and anything. On last night’s premiere episode she was hired by “power couple” Samantha and Mitch to help them name their third child. They’re both into “branding” and believe that a name is the first impression you give to the world. They’re expecting a son and want a powerful name for a possible future president. So Pope put together a “think tank of leading experts in various fields” (a senior director from Landor a branding service, a linguistic expert, a baby-name blogger, a poet, a contributing editor to a private online social network) who generated a list of names for the couple. Then those names were introduced to a focus group, and narrowed down to a short list. The short list was presented to the couple’s friends, who voted on their favorite, which happened to be “Asher.” When Samantha and Mitch gave birth, they ended up using the one name that they actually invented themselves and that was not approved or liked by the think tank, focus group, or circle of friends: Bowen.

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