BREAKING: Did Rihanna and Leo DiCaprio 'Swap Spit' at Playboy Mansion?


If you happen to be #Navy and/or have 50 Google alerts for various variations/misspellings of Rihanna’s name, you already know that rumors have been literally flying about Riri and Leo D. possibly hooking up. They were both on St. Bart’s for New Year’s Eve, you see, and while at first we assumed that, if true, it was probably just a holiday smash, current rumors say their lust has lasted past a mere vacation fling.

TMZ reports that over the weekend, Rihanna and Leo were seen “Gettin’ Hot at Playboy Mansion”! (EXCLAMATION POINT MINE.):

…designer Nikki Erwin had boyfriend/producer Chuck Pacheco — “Alpha Dogs,” “My Sister’s Keeper” — invite [Leo] to her star-stacked 30th B-Day at the Playboy Mansion Saturday … and our spies tell TMZ, Cap and RiRi were gettin’ super steamy and even swapping spit…
The two apparently seemed very comfortable getting hot and heavy…

Oh snap, mothafuckas! This REVELATION of a rumor of spit-swappery comes amid reports that Taylor Swift has her eye on Leo DiCaprio, too, although that seems fake as hell and also, the aging hottie is a renowned player and Ms. Swift would no doubt be heart-murked at first glance. Alternately, a Leo DiCaprio-Rihanna pairing seems a much fairer (and likelier) match, although fans of DiCaprio may want to worry because we do not know if he could actually handle that. She is feisty, and she is a heartbreaker (see: Drake’s tears), and one of the most admirable things about her is how little fux she gives, nor should she because she is 26 and on top of the world.

So, if their hotness and heaviness lasts beyond Rihanna’s whims, here is a small selection of the inevitable possible portmanteaux: Rih-o. Lehanna. RIHONARDO. RihCaprio. Mrs. and Mr. Fenty.

Here is a short list of people Rihanna is alleged to have dated: noted performance artist Shia LaBeouf. Sisqo. An adult man who keeps a Supreme welcome mat at the foot of his bed. Baseball megastar Matt Kemp. Basketball megastar Rashard Lewis. Boxing megastar Dudley O’Shaughnessy. Basketball megastar JR Smith. Football megastar Darren McFadden. Good luck, Leo, you ole bat.

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