Breaking: Prince Harry Interacts With Cute Kids Again 


If you can even believe it, Prince Harry left the house for a royal engagement without Meghan Markle. This time he got to serve pasta to children, and he didn’t even nearly get bitten by a presumably Republican pony.

People reported that Harry paid a visit to London’s Roundwood Youth Centre, promoting the Fit and Fed campaign, “an initiative which provides kids with access to free lunches and activities during school breaks.” And so he was afforded the opportunity to do what he does best: play sports with cute children. I’ve never seen a case of baby fever quite so advanced:

He also tried his hand at lunch line duty, via People:

As Harry took his place behind the counter to serve the kids helpings of pasta, he asked chef Kerin Parris, “How much do they get?”
When asked what it was like to have her lunch served by a prince, T’miyah Reid, 9, said: “Very posh!”

Frankly, kids are the only people on earth qualified to cover the royal wedding.

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