Bridesmaids Gets Great Reviews, More Promising Trailer


The first Bridesmaids trailer was a bit of a letdown. While the female-centric comedy was written by Kristen Wiig and stars Maya Rudolph (and shirtless Jon Hamm) it didn’t look all that hilarious.

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Now a second trailer has been released, and Bridesmaids is looking a bit more funny and offbeat. Plus, the film got rave reviews when it premiered at SXSW this week. While Slash Film critic Peter Sciretta says he expects the film will be called misogynistic, there’s actually less lady-hating than in other films (well, that’s sort-of encouraging). He goes on to praise the performances of Kristen Wiig’s and Melissa McCarthy. He writes:

Confident, a mix of laugh-out-loud funny, smart, raunchy, and heartbreaking. Bridesmaides is a homerun. Hopefully it will become a box office hit and inspire Hollywood to expand their classification of what a “chick flick” can be and strive for something more. We talk a lot about genre and conventions, but none of that really matters when you have a great movie.

According to Pajiba’s Dustin Rowles, McCarthy is “not a walking fat joke. Despite what the misleading trailer suggests, she’s not reduced to a litany of farts and burps.” He adds:

Of all the Judd Apatow-inspired bromances that have been released since Knocked Up, none have been as good as Bridesmaids. In fact, of all the studio-produced female-centerered flicks since Knocked Up, none have been as good as Bridesmaids. It’s the movie that the underappreciated The Sweetest Thing aspired to be in 2002: A filthy fucking comedy that combines the better elements of bromance and old-school Farrelly Brothers with honest-to-goodness heart. For everyone who liked The Hangover but thought it was missing something, Bridesmaids demonstrates exactly what its predecessor lacked: Awesome, hilarious women who can hilariously talk about their feelings in one scene and shit in a sink in the next.

We’re still hesitant to get our hopes up too high about Bridesmaids, but at the very least it sounds like the film will prove that Kristen Wiig is an incredibly talented comedian who’s ready for meatier roles than the Target lady and the woman with “baby hands.” (Though considering the high number of SNL-inspired films, we wouldn’t put it past Holywood to make Baby Hands: The Movie.)

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