Bridesmaids Now Top Grossing Female-Oriented R-Rated Comedy of All Time


There’s a new, crude sheriff in town.

Bridesmaids has just surpassed Sex & The City as the number one grossing female-oriented qualifier-heavy R-rated comedy of all time. Can you say that five times fast?

I guess I didn’t realize that Sex & The City was a comedy. I thought it was an allegory and that each of the four female protagonists represented an aspect of the global economy that led to the financial sector implosion in 2008. Carrie represented the frivolity of the American consumer. Miranda, hardworking and determined to do things her own way rather than falling into the trap of tradition and expectation but does so anyway, represents China (plus she’s with Steve, who is easily the North Korea of the Sex & The City universe). Charlotte represents the American government, uptight and unwilling to anger traditionalists. And Samantha represents the slutty American banks, just willing to get in bed with anyone with a non-verifiable source of income or a penis.

You know, like that urban legend about The Wizard of Oz.

At any rate, congratulations to the creators and cast of Bridesmaids (especially Ellie Kemper and Wendi McLendon-Covey, upon whom I have girlcrushes) and here’s hoping that in the future, Hollywood won’t have to market a female oriented film to the masses by bragging about how it doesn’t suck like all those other movies about women.

Bridesmaids surpasses Sex & The City to become top R rated female comedy ever [Hollywood Reporter]

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