Bruce Jenner's Skin Cancer Creates Reality TV Continuity Problems


Bruce Jenner had a big chunk of his nose chopped off last autumn to remove a Basal cell carcinoma. The healing stages of his wound revealed just how out of sequence the events on last night’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians played out.

Bruce’s procedure was performed in mid-September—about three weeks before he and Kris formally announced their separation in Us—and required 30 stitches. A wound that big would involve a significant amount of redness and rawness, which is evident at some points in the show. But the scene above, in which the couple decides to “redefine” their marriage to mean “friends with separate residences,” was presumably filmed in the weeks prior to the Us story and prior to them disclosing the new parameters of their relationship to their children (which they also did on camera). You can tell that a chunk of his nose has been removed, so the convo is post surgery, but it looks almost completely healed, indicating that this scene may have been filmed after they already broke the news.

Either way, it’s a weird, fucked-up version of reality in which they are performing a decision-making process about something they’d already decided like a year ago. And then they pop up open a bottle of champagne to celebrate as Bruce jokes about killing Kris.

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