BTS Performed Barefoot on The Late Late Show, Bless Them

BTS Performed Barefoot on The Late Late Show, Bless Them
Screenshot:The Late Late Show/CBS

On Tuesday night, BTS debuted their new single “Black Swan” on The Late Late Show with James Corden. (Thank goodness there are too many of them to attempt “Carpool Karaoke.”)

The performance was great because BTS are some of the best performers popular music has to offer—no group comes close to mirroring their precise choreography—and watching them always feels like an event, even through a computer screen. That’s an impressive feat. What is more impressive is that they chose to tackle “Black Swan” while barefoot. If they weren’t on Wikifeet before, they might be soon.

I can’t imagine it’s easy to glide the way they do while barefoot. Is the ground slippery? Where are they getting their traction? How much swagger must one possess in order to move even a fraction as well as they do, and without the safety net of shoes? It really is a sight to behold—I recommend viewing it instead of their comedic sketch, “Hide & Seek w/ BTS & Ashton Kutcher,” in which Corden and Kutcher compete to locate the most members of BTS through a popular childhood game. The entire bit struck me as unnecessarily infantilizing, but I digress. They didn’t look too upset about it, and I guess that’s what matters.

I, for one, just enjoy looking at them, and Corden’s Jungkook bias is sort of adorable. Sue me.

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