Bulgari Disfigures Both Julianne Moore & Adorable Lion Cubs


Though posing nude with lion cubs sounds like a bad idea, Julianne Moore managed to shoot Bulgari’s Fall/Winter campaign without a receiving scratch. Not that it matters: her limbs were mangled in post-production anyway.

As our tipster points out, something isn’t quite right about Julianne’s legs here — where exactly do they attach to her body? Did Gwyneth Paltrow teach her how to dislocate her hips?

Also of note: In both ads from the campaign, Julianne’s silhouette is obscured. Of course it’s difficult to cover your naught bits with just two baby animals and a giant bag (which is probably why humans started wearing clothing), but the awkward position means it’s hard to tell where her arms and legs begin and end. Here’s the final version of Bulgari’s ad, for reference:

Sadly, we’re used to seeing celebs altered in ads, but it seems even these adorable cubs weren’t perfect enough for Bulgari. As ShoppingBlog.com points out, in the backstage video, the cubs look much different:

While ShoppingBlog.com identifies the animals as leopards, according to Wikipedia, lions are actually “born with brown rosettes on their body,” that “fade as lions reach adulthood” … but not during the course of one photoshoot.

But hey, don’t feel bad little lions. As you can see in the behind-the-scenes video from Bulgari’s Spring/Summer campaign, they did the same thing to Julianne’s spots:

The final ad:

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