Can Feminists Go On Diets?


Kjerstin Gruys discusses her mission to spend 365 days avoiding the mirror (she’s about 1/3 the way through) and her conflicted feelings on dieting while feminist:

Given the patriarchal bargain of weight-loss, being radically anti-diet as a political stance doesn’t always fit comfortably as a personal stance. Because we live in a society that punishes women for being “fat,” even the most dedicated feminists report struggles with body image.
The threat of becoming a martyr for this cause (i.e., by voluntarily giving up “thin-privilege,” if we’ve got it) can be terrifying.
Add to this the personal fact that I’ve gained an (subjectively) uncomfortable amount of weight in the past year by neglecting to care for my body, and suddenly I’m facing a conundrum.

Can a Feminist Diet? [Sociological Images]

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