Can Nicole Kidman Persuade You to Watch The Female Persuasion?


Wonderful news for those who still feel the urge to be persuaded and slightly worse news for those who will never be persuaded but will have to pay attention to the news surrounding this adaptation: Meg Wolitzer’s feminist doorstopper, The Female Persuasion, will be made into a movie produced by and starring Nicole Kidman.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Kidman’s production company, Blossom Films, will be behind this adaptation, with Kidman as the star. Blossom Films is also responsible for the wildly successful Big Little Lies, which stars Kidman and a dazzling coterie of actresses chewing the scenery in ways both large and small. Based on Liane Moriarty’s book of the same name, the series won a bunch of shiny statues and is now in production for a second season, which will likely do the same.

Kidman teased the news about The Female Persuasion via Instagram, where she posed with Wolitzer’s novel on her lap and her chin on her hand, like this:

For those who refused the persuasive tactics of the marketing blitz and buzz surrounding Wolitzer’s novel, The Female Persuasion is about idealism, feminism, white women, mentorship, and, roughly, our modern era. It follows Greer Kadetsky, a young woman with dreams and aspirations who looks to her mentor, a Gloria Steinem-esque character named Fatith Frank who gets paid to head a foundation and spout empowerment feminist aphorisms.

While it’s unclear who Kidman will be playing, one can only assume that she will assume the role of Faith; let it be known that at 50 years old, she is far too young for that role! We’ve all seen the Amy Schumer sketch about the Last Fuckable Day. I get it—it’s less a self-own than another tidy setup for what could be a Big Award for a Big Movie about Feminism and Girl Powah. Who will dare play the young one? Kathryn Newton. Hermione Granger. Elle Fanning. The girl from The VVitch. Lena Dunham?!? The possibilities are endless.

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