Canadians “Politely Amused” By Americans Who Say They'll Move There If Their Candidate Loses on Election Day


The Washington Post’s Max Fisher asked Canadian readers what they thought about cranky Americans (usually Democrats and dumb Republicans, since the Canadian government covers healthcare costs, meaning they are practically Communists) who, every four years, threaten to move to Canada if their candidate loses on Election Day.

“…the trend seems to be that Canadians find this funny and a bit flattering,” Fisher found. “Who wouldn’t enjoy being seen as the preferable alternative to the world’s richest and most powerful country?”

Responses ranged from “Build the dang fence!” to “flattering and sad for America” to:

If Americans want to move North, Canada could certainly use them, but they need to educate themselves on Canadian values and pledge to uphold those values in the same way Canadians insist that Middle Easterners and other foreigners adhere closely to Canadian values if they want to live among Canadians and become one. Assuming it is the same as being American is not good enough.

As a Canadian citizen (I have duel citizenship; both of my parents are from Montreal), let me back that up by adding that Canadians say some weird words, like “garborator,” which means “garbage disposal.” Educate yourselves, EH?

Here’s my favorite:

My mom still makes my brother and I use our Canadian passports when we travel to other countries because she once had a dream that there were terrorists on her plane and they pledged to kill all of the Americans but allowed the Canadians to escape unscathed. So far that little green blue booklet has yet to save my life, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t consider using it to move up North if, say, Roe v. Wade was overturned.

— Katie J.M. Baker

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