Candace Owens Tweets About Vanessa Trump Tweeting About Don Jr. Tweeting About Kimberly Guilfoyle 


Every morning, I wake up and ask myself, what fresh hell awaits me today?

Today, it was this tweet:

Some context, for those lucky enough to not know what this could possibly be about: Donald Trump Jr. shared a blog in defense of Kimberly Guilfoyle, a Fox News host and his reported girlfriend. Guilfoyle’s pro-Trump bias, which was apparently clear enough to the Trump administration in May of 2017 that she was on a short list for press secretary, has been brought into question after the news of her involvement with Don Jr. went public.

Then Vanessa Trump, Don Jr’s ex-wife, weighed in:

Then Candace Owens, pro-Trump commentator and noted anti-feminist, jumped in to define the previous tweet as “real feminism.”


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